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Euphoria Cannabis – CBD Tincture 3000MG In Pakistan

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Euphoria Cannabis – CBD Tincture 3000MG In Pakistan.

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Brand: Euphoria Cannabis – CBD Tincture 3000MG
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Euphoria Cannabis – CBD Tincture 3000MG In Pakistan

Natural, versatile and an effortless way to bring the benefits of CBD to your daily routine. Formulated simply with just MCT oil and CBD isolate. Add it to your favourite foods, drinks, or use it for a soothing massage to find relief from pain. Our 30mL bottle comes with a marked dropper for easy dosing. CBD is non-psychoactive and offers a friendly solution for pain, inflammation, anxiety, mood enhancement, and improved sleep.

3000MG CBD full bottle | 100MG per 1ML

Shake well, drop desired dose under tongue, and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Add to food or drink, or massage onto skin for pain relief. Remember to wait 30-60 minutes to experience the effects and gauge your tolerance. Enjoy the benefits!


Organic MCT Oil & CBD Isolate

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Love this cbd for my anxiety, my depression and my pain just love it i will buy it every month.

Rahman Ullah - Nov-13-2023