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Yardlie Hair Color Shampoo

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Yardlie hair color shampoo Now in Pakistan Rejuvenate your self in 5 minutes for gents and ladies USA formula Available Colors: Natural Black and Natural Dark Brown 1. No PPD 2. NO HAIR FALL 3. NO SKIN RASH 4. NO DANDRUFF 5. NO AMMONIA 6. No SKIN STAINS 7. NO TOXIC COLORANTS

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Yardlie Hair Color Shampoo 

Yardlie Hair Color Shampoo High Quality, Imported, 100 percent genuine, Works Great
High Quality Hair Color Shampoo For Restoring Blackness 200 ML Recapture Your Beautiful Hair With This Revolutionary, No-Fuss moment obscuring Shampoo.  Colors Your Hair Black in Just 5 Minutes And Lasts Up To 4 Weeks. Yardlie Balck Hair Color Help Strengthen And Nourish Your Hair And Hair Root. Yardlie Balck Help Give The Hair Darker Shade Of Color With Asilky And Shiny Look. Contains Various Herbal Extract, Helps Dye Hair in Black Hair Quickly And Absorbs Effectively To Nourish, Protect Hair From Losing And Scalp Itchiness.

Yardlie Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan

Top fixings:

Ginseng: Hair Darkening And Care. Give You Dark And Shiny Hair.

Ganoderma Lucidum: Supplement Trace Elements And Provide Robust Hair Root.

Gingko: Deep Moistening And Care. Supplement Nutrition And Water Needed For Healthy Hair

Angelica: Hair Care And Conditioning. Give You Healthy And Thick Hair.

Fleeceflower Root: Hair Darkening And Care. Give You Dark And sparkling Hair

Step By Step instructions to Use ?

1. Put on Gloves

2. wet Your Hair

3. Crush Out All The Shampoo, Mix Evenly And Apply On Your Hair

4. Rub The Hair For 5-10 Minutes To Make The Shampoo Moistens Each Hair

5. Wash Off The Foam Completely

6. To Stabilize The Effect, The Product Should Be Used At Least More Than 2-3 Times



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