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Aegte Loose Inches Slimming Oil In Pakistan

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Aegte Loose Inches Slimming Oil In Pakistan.

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You are sitting at a restaurant having an amazing time and suddenly your eyes go over to a large mirror across the hall and all you could notice was the extra layer of fat. We at Aegte understand that in today’s busy world, we don’t get enough time to exercise and manage our desired shape.

Aegte’s Loose Inches Slimming Oil actively fights cellulite and tones your skin to shape it into a slim and firm skin.

Let’s start a rubbing journey to fit in shape

Let Your Belly Turn Flat

Aegte loose inches slimming oil is a lipo-soluble anti-cellulite oil that consider the adipocytes, fat-accumulating cells, into ones that actively loose fat. Along with such an effective procedure, our oil also:


  • Help visibly minimize cellulite appearance
  • Help visibly tone skin
  • Give a slimmer shape
  • Effectively shapes body curve
  • Help fight water retention in cellulite tissue




Step 1

Take a few drops of Aegte Loose Inches Slimming Oil

Step 2

Apply on desired area and massage for 2-3 minutes

Step 3

Embrace for the mild tickling sensation occurred due to our oil burning fat

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