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This artificial hymen is designed to simulate the loss of blood that occurs when a female first loses her virginity before marriage, this kit comes complete with everything necessary to make you a virgin again, it includes 2 artificial hymen blood pills, so the pill will be activated by your body heat and safely dissolved in your vagina at just the right moment without any problems or side effects.

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Eighteen Kit

Hymen Repair Kit

First Wedding night is something every girl dreams about our goal is to make your special moment sweet surprising and memorable stop stressing yourself be a virgin again Eighteen Kit is an excellent product to regain virginity for the right time because happily ever after begins here

Eighteen Kit | Original Rebleeding Kit

the package include 2 drugs within the box 1 is a spar if you want to strive it out first before the massive day. dip the case for 20 2d in water in case your special day is in the iciness season and area the case in vagina (around 7-eight cm) with the complete middle finger and set down on bed and keep up to half-hour earlier than indulging in a sexual intercourse. following the 30 minutes time starts offevolved to inside 2 to four hours whilst your beloved does sex with you it's going to come out as an sizeable sum of fluid and it will sense like actual blood

Exclusive Benefits
1.No intense itching in the uterus.
2.No Bacteria.
3.No Irritation, swelling and burning around the uterus.
4.No Odor, No Infections / itching.
5.No soreness or burning during interaction.
6.100% result of natural Hemorrhage Bleeding.
7.No Pain.
8.No Costly Operation.
9.No Needles.
10.No Anesthesia.
11.No Medication.
12.No Doctors Visits.
13.No Gynecological Examination.

How to use

clean palms and vagina earlier than use and also cut the finger nail . if marriage inside the summer time then insert it into vagina hollow at once and if the wintry weather season then dip the pill 20 seconds in water & region the capsule in vagina (about 7-eight cm) with the entire middle finger and lay down on mattress and wait 30 minutes before sex. after 30 minutes time commenced and inside 02 to 04 hours when your lover penetrates / sexual desires, it will pop out massive quantity as liquid that appears like actual blood.

in case you need that your husband want sex after one hour then don’t dip the pill into the water. most effective insert it into vagina directly and then wait one hour. after one hour then it slow begin for two hours. for the duration of this time any time you can take satisfactory result.

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