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Take one sachet (20g) every 2 days as needed


Mix 1 sachet with 150ml of room temperature water, stir well and drink or empty entire sachet in mouth through given spout.

ETUMAX ROYAL HONEY IN PAKISTAN is an immediate source of energy, which stimulates the absorption of nutrients, improves complexion, prevents aging, and possesses a cooling effect in the body. It does not contain preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavor.

Benefits Etumax Royal Honey

1- Enhance vitality and potency on daily basis.
2- Boosting energy level and physical performance.
3- Improve blood circulation.
4- Strengthening the immune system.
5- Boost stamina makes you stronger and last longer.
6- Improve mood and gain new confidence.
7- Regenerates cells, tissues & organs.
8- Enhances nutrient absorption and metabolism.

How to Use Usage

For Women

Add half a sachets (5 g) to a glass of cold or hot water (200 ml) every five days, once after lunch dinner.
Keep the other half in the fridge till the following dosage

Usage for men

Add one sachet (10 g) to one glass of cold water (200 ml), and consume every five days once, lunch or dinner.


What’s in the box: Each box contain 12 sachets / 20 grams each

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